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Rick’s concise yet simple teaching on our Jewish Roots is just what I've been looking for. God is sooooooo Good. He sends just what we need at the right time. I will spread the word on "Origins of Our Faith" to all I know.   RS  ...     WOW!!!! As the old saying goes ," You can never stop learning"  KT   ....    We didn't know where we were going at first but now there is no turning back. We feel like we have just begun our walk with God and seem to be discovering truths that were never taught in church.   KR  

Origins of Our Faith
Third Edition

Table of Contents

Chapter One   The Phenomenon  
Chapter Two   What Would Jesus Do  
Chapter Three   What is Law  
Chapter Four   Who is a Jew  
Chapter Five   Who is a Gentile  
Chapter Six   From Synagogue to Church  
Chapter Seven   Why Keep the Holy Days  
Chapter Eight   What is the Point of Salvation  
Chapter Nine   What is Messiah  
Chapter Ten   Who Did Jesus Think he Was  
Chapter Eleven   Why Christianity  
Chapter Twelve   WHO is the House of Israel  

"Fascinating and Important!"...  "You may not agree with all of Richardson's arguments and observations, but they merit serious consideration."  Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

"Insightful and Helpful"... I must say that I really have found much of what you are saying to be quite on target. Some material you have clarified has even been helpful to me in my correspondence with several Christians who have demonstrated animosity towards Judaism...I have used some of your insights to give them perspective. Rabbi Chaim Richman, The Temple Institute and The Sanhedrin Jerusalem, Israel

"Beautiful Concise Writing"... "Rick Richardson expresses well thought out convictions. He proves that to grasp the dynamics of the present we need to reexamine the past. At Sinai and in the desert, Moses was the agent to build a people into a holy nation... Now enters Rick Richardson to bring sanity to confused doctrines" Rabbi Avraham Feld, Director of the Maccabee Institute Jerusalem, Israel

"Wonderful Discovery"...  "Origins of Our Faith is a beautifully researched and articulately delivered work."  Eric Slocum, KOMO TV/Radio Seattle

"Compelling"...  "Origins of Our Faith is a book that I consider one of the most helpful out there for those being drawn toward the Ancient Paths." Dr. James Tabor, Chair of Religious Studies University of North Carolina