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Dividing the land of Israel (posted 01/20/08)
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I keep asking myself ... Can they REALLY be serious?  I honestly do not understand how people that I believe possess a certain level of intelligence can be so foolish.  The "Roadmap for Peace" being proposed by President George W. Bush, the UN, and others, is in reality a "Roadmap for Disaster".

It certainly would be helpful IF there had EVER been ANY history where giving up parts of the Jewish homeland has resulted in a more peaceful situation.  Actually just the opposite is true.  The EXPANSION of the Jewish homeland HAS resulted in more peaceful conditions.

Israel PROTECTS the holy sites of ALL faiths.  This has not been the case whenever control of those sites are relinquished to the P.A.  Israel develops the highways and industry. To this point in time the Palestinian people have been far better off under Israeli rule than under their own rule.  It would be nice to see ANY evidence of success by the P.A. before giving them more territory to destroy.

The clear examples of Bethlehem, Jericho and Hebron and most recently the evacuation of Gaza leave little question as to how to secure peace and protection in the region.

I support the Israel Initiative is a plan to annex the West Bank and Gaza into the land of Israel.  It provides for the resettlement of those who would not desire to remain under Jewish rule, and creates the opportunity for those who would pledge allegiance to the state of Israel to become full citizens.  Fairness and Opportunity seem to be a much better "roadmap" for peace than political correctness and expedience.

While President Bush was in Israel he was given a scroll that was prepared by the New Jewish Congress, The Sanhedrin and the Temple Institute.  Rabbi Chaim Richman (spokesman for these organizations) reads the contents of the scroll.

Mr. President, let's focus on eliminating terrorist strongholds rather than creating new ones. If you are really looking for peace in the region, give Israel MORE land and resources. Allow Israel to fulfill her destiny as a light to the nations.  Peace CAN come to the Middle East, but let us not ignore history and logic when we search for it.  It is closer than you can imagine. May it happen in our lifetime. 

Rick Richardson

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