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A Bunch of Jewish Guys  (posted 02/01/08)
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I often say that "Christianity began as a bunch of Jewish guys". This is one of the most important concepts for people to get their mind around.  And yet, even for people in the "Hebrew Roots" movement they have difficulty seeing the New Testament through "Jewish" eyes. 

Remember, the Greeks that Paul went to, the ones who later became leaders of "the way" (after the Hebraic leadership had all been killed) were not Torah scholars. They were Greeks.  They knew Greek philosophy and mythology, and understood, transcribed and paraphrased in that context.

God's intention was to bring back the northern kingdom at a distant time in the future.  They were not to understand, and indeed DID NOT understand. It was not the time.

The Christmas Tree and the Easter Bunny are part of THAT Greek (pagan) culture, as was the concept of God having a child through a human being that would then "save" humanity.

When the Jews talked about a Messiah that would "save" the Lost Tribes of Israel and reunite them with the House of Judah, the Greeks understood that in a very Greek way. They mixed in their own traditions and eventually arrived at an entirely different place of understanding.

It is a difficult thing to do, but we must look at Christianity as a first century Jew, rather than a 21st century Christian, if we are ever to understand the original message.

Rabbi Michael Skobac from Toronto gave a talk about Christianity.  I have tried to piece it together here.

An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Talks About Christianity

Rick Richardson

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