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A Sad Day in Israel  (to make a comment, use the form below)

Today Israel expelled the people of Gush Katif from their homes. The following is taken from Shlomo Wollins website (

9:10 am.

[ editor’s note: I have reached final stages of packing and will shortly have to pack my computer equipment. I offer you the following last-minute coverage from INN of the arrival of the final, deportation troops entering the beautiful city of Neve Dekalim to escort 100% of its inhabitants (with or without force) to an unknown destination.

The families here (many with 5-10 kids) have not been given any notification of immediate or long-term living arrangements. I will not, however, be offered a new living option or compensation; not that I would accept anything from this corrupt government at this point.

My wish is to restart my life anew, and all I hope for at this point is not to be arrested/detained and be dropped on the streets of Holy Jerusalem to recover from this horrific ordeal….I can see soldiers coming up the street…time for me to close my computer and finish packing…after nearly 100 days reporting live from Gush Katif…the soldiers are coming to remove me from this place and the people that I have come to love…from what is now home to me…from where I was hoping to marry, and build a family and home….from the most beautiful and splendid expression of Jewish settlement on the planet…Gush Katif…we will come back one day and make you blossom again…and once again the sound of Jewish children playing will return…for now…goodbye Gush Katif…

I’ll miss you and cry for you forever..

Shlomo from a tear-stained keypad awaiting deportation…]

How sad. How very sad.


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