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Forgive Me Father ... for I Have Sinned
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One of the most difficult things that we do in life is to admit that we were wrong. It is going through that process of realizing that we don't have all the answers and then realizing we didn't even know the questions we all find rather humbling.

I must admit, I felt I knew a lot more of the answers to life when I was younger than I am today.

So, what is all this self-reflection about?

My son and daughter have both grown up and moved out of the house. They both are struggling to make their way in life, making poor choices and not interested in the simple advice from dad. I don't think there is anything harder than to watch your child go through difficult times, and realize that there is very little you can do.

It is not until we realize we DON'T have all the answers that we finally begin to understand life. This principle is the same in our religious perspective.

As Christians we feel as if we have the answers to life that Jewish folks need. We have our answers before we even understand what the questions are. Our views are all neatly tied up and put into just the right size box that we can store on our life's shelf. We move through life making unnecessary mistakes because we refuse to admit we don't know everything; we don't have all the answers.

A simple and honest look at history and at the Bible SHOULD help us see things correctly but we have been looking through our upside-down lenses for so long we do not understand how backward we have been.

According to what I see written in prophecy, it is the northern kingdom that has been lost. I find no place where the northern kingdom comes back so they can teach the southern kingdom.

For those who believe that they are part of the returning Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, it is time to realize that we (the northern kingdom) are not the ones with the answers. We are the prodigal son; we are NOT the faithful son. We, however, have been away for so long that we honestly believe that WE are the ones to save the day.

Until we reach into our own hearts and begin to understand how terribly off track we have been, our road back will continue to be a distant one. Not until we can come before God and confess, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned", will we be able to begin the journey home.

God tells us that the answers are well within our reach, if only we are willing to see them. 


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