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A Radical Solution to the Middle East Crisis
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It may at first seem a bit radical at first, however it will eventually be the only option that will work; allow the Northern Kingdom to come home.

Long before the conflict with the Palestinians, God promised land to the nation of Israel.  This land, the prophets say, will be occupied by BOTH houses of Israel before Messiah comes to rule over them. When that happens peace will come to the entire earth.

The problem is, the Northern Kingdom disappeared from the face of the earth long ago and are now known simply as "the Lost Ten Tribes".

However, if we believe in Bible prophecy, this land that is currently being fought over, (southern Lebanon and the "West Bank") will always be in conflict until the rightful residents return to occupy it. Hezbollah does not belong in southern Lebanon and the Palestinians do not belong in Samaria. This land is where the Northern Kingdom (the Lost Ten Tribes or the House of Israel) will return to.

Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush are pursuing a solution that will not work, because it goes against what God has already foretold in prophecy. The solution is simple, yet it requires more faith than either, at this point, are willing to possess.

Allow the Northern Kingdom to return.

Government officials, however, are not the only ones to blame.  The religious leadership also needs to realize that their actions (or inaction) may be the very thing that is preventing the Messianic Age.

But how, you may ask, can a people be allowed to return, when we do not even know who they are?

It is not necessary to know who they are, only to believe that they exist. Just provide a pathway and they will come.  It is like the movie "Field of Dreams". This, however, is a WORLD of dreams ... a world at peace.

The House of Israel is bubbling up all around us.  It is a closer reality than most people can possibly imagine.  Allow the Northern Kingdom to return. In the end it will be the only solution.


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