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My Evil Twin (to make a comment, use the form below)

When I was young I knew a set of identical twins.  One of the twins was always getting the other one into trouble because of a mistaken identity.  Many criminal trials have ended tragically over the years because of a rush to accuse, when we believe we have the "real" criminal, only to find later that it was a case of mistaken identity.

It seems that I have an evil twin.  Although I am sure that my "twin" is a very fine and good man, we have the same name.  This has created a bit of confusion.  As life would have it, there are a lot of other people with the name "Rick Richardson", but one of these other people is a very prolific writer of Christian books.  He is not me.  My book is titled "Origins of Our Faith".  I have not read the "other Rick Richardson's" books, but from their description I would say that our theological perspectives very quite a bit from one another.

My apologies to the other Rick Richardson for any confusion.  I can imagine the firestorm against him for my book that may have happened, considering what has happened when people assumed that I had written HIS books.  He, from what I can tell, is a mainstream Christian thinker who writes for a mainstream Christian reader.

I don't mind being criticized and challenged for my beliefs. However, we should always try to "have the right guy".  I cannot explain why someone else has written something.  You will need to take it up with him.  But please don't.  Like I said, I am sure he is a very fine and good man.  Leave him alone.  Because, after all, he is not me either.


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