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You're Not Like Me! (to make a comment, use the form below)

What exactly should we expect every one else to think and act like?  Well, like us, of course.  Since we view life through a certain set of lenses, our perception of reality and truth are subject to what we see through them.

And since we all believe that truth is universal, each of us our views the other as "not quite getting it". Can we agree upon the fact that none of us holds all the answers ... and that we are not all born with our beliefs and perceptions fully evolved?  If so it would seem to me that the most prudent course of action is one of patience and caution.

True, there is always the need for caution and verification when preceding into any uncharted waters, and yet if we never move ahead, if we insist upon arguing on the shores, we will never make all the discoveries that God has for us. 

Not everyone is at the same place along their path.  Be kind to one another, and always try to make many more friends than enemies.  Even though we may not always see exactly what another sees, our paths will continue to cross one another and if we are gentle and kind and patient with each other, our journey will be a good one.


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